By Susan Resko
September 22, 2022

It is with great sadness to share that Josselyn has lost a dear friend, Jackie Waldstein.  Jackie was a board member from 1983-89, and an Honorary Trustee for the rest of her life.

She was among a group of equally fabulous women who conceived of, and funded, Camp Neeka about 15 years ago. Her vision and commitment to Camp Neeka, our summer therapeutic intensive program for children ages 8-12, has grown to serve over 45 children each summer.

Even well into her 90’s, Jackie hosted Josselyn’s Spring Luncheon to raise funds for Camp Neeka, where she stood and greeted each and every guest at the door of her beloved Northmoor County Club.

Jackie was a true force of nature and lit up a room upon entry.  She exuded energy and simultaneously was energized by each person with whom she engaged.  As she greeted people with an exuberant smile, she would repeatedly say, “You’re gorgeous… look at you, just gorgeous!”  She also exuded deep and sincere gratitude.  Jackie was so grateful for her life, her beloved husband, her family, and she adored her grandchildren and great-grandson.  Many people often heard Jackie say, “We are just so !%*# lucky!”

She was also very proud and supportive of Josselyn.  Any time she introduced a staff member, she would always say, “Oh, you must meet this fabulous crew from Josselyn; they do such important work.”  Until the onset of COVID, she joined us at almost every Josselyn event, open house, or gathering, with gratitude and happiness.

Jackie died peacefully on September 6 at the age of 95, just two days before Queen Elizabeth II.  Jackie was certainly Josselyn’s “queen,” and she will be dearly missed.

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