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Better Mental Health Care Is For Everyone

There’s no one mental health treatment that fits everyone. At Josselyn, we believe that every individual has the right to a personalized, comprehensive plan.

Whether you have experienced clinical care in the past, or are looking for a helping hand during a tough time, our doors are open. Meet with therapists and with peers and discover your path toward mental well-being.

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Clinical Care


Long-term, sustainable mental wellness programs with empathetic, culturally-aware, licensed therapists. For individuals, couples, young people, and families. There’s no one path to therapy – there’s only yours.


Josselyn is proud to be one of the only wellness centers in the region that offers psychiatric care as part of our therapy process. We believe in a holistic approach to mental health care that combines both talk therapy and, when necessary, psychiatry. Josselyn’s team of medical doctors and advanced practice psychiatric nurse practitioners partner with your therapist to provide the best course of care for you.

Pathways to Employment

Josselyn believes everyone, including those with mental health challenges, should have access to the resources, job coaching, resume and interview assistance, and more to support the pursuit of job opportunities and the transition to employment. The Pathways To Employment program aims to help you achieve your employment goals through access to resources and guidance from trained specialists.

Walk-In Clinic

Knowing where to begin with mental health care can be overwhelming. Josselyn’s Walk-In Clinic at our Northfield location can connect you with a skilled specialist and guide you to the care you need, all within your initial visit. No phone calls. No need to make an appointment. Just walk in.

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Specialized Adolescents and Kids Programs

Mental health wellness starts from an early age.

Camp Neeka (Ages 8-12)

Camp Neeka is an accessible and inclusive summer day camp for children of all backgrounds. Directed by trained therapists, Neeka provides children 8-12 with the opportunity to create friendships while building self-esteem, developing communication and coping skills and other strategies to improve their everyday mental health.

Intensive Outpatient Program (Ages 13-18)

When your teen or young adult requires more help than a weekly therapy appointment can accomplish, Josselyn’s IOP Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP) provides a higher level of care within a group setting, allowing them to avoid hospital-based inpatient programs.

Support Groups

Josselyn believes in the power of community.

Our support groups aim to create an inclusive, diverse, compassionate, and welcoming space for individuals across our community to connect, share stories, and learn from others with similar experiences. All without stigma or judgment.

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