Mental Health First Aid

Learn To Support Someone in a Mental Health Crisis

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Learn how to identify, understand, and respond to someone who may be experiencing a mental health or substance use challenge.

Mental Health First Aid (MHFA) teaches you early intervention skills to help those in need. Learn strategies to spot and support those in a mental health crisis.

Josselyn envisions a world in which Mental Health First Aid is as common as CPR. You can help us achieve this vision by registering for a MHFA training today.

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MHFA Training

A skills-based training course that teaches you how to help someone who is experiencing a mental health challenge or crisis.

Youth MHFA Training

A skills-based course for adults, educators, others that teaches you to help young people who are experiencing a mental health challenge or crisis.

What To Know

MHFA is a two-part online program

  • Part one is a 2-hour, self-paced program
  • Part two is an instructor-led, interactive, day-long program
  • Cost: $35 per person

Led by Maggie Nash, MSW, MEd
Youth Programs Manager, MHFA Director, Therapist

  • Certified Mental Health First Aid Trainer
  • Has certified more than 500 community members
  • Led staff and student trainings at four local high schools

Certified Mental Health First Aid Trainers at Josselyn

Get in touch to learn how you can become a Certified MHFA Trainer.

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Liz Fruth

Employee Engagement Manager

Shannon Garrison

Director of IOP Services

“I am, without question, more confident in my abilities to identify and engage with a young person who may be having a mental health struggle. I will not hesitate to make myself available and use the tools I learned today to assess, listen and make decisions about helping the young person move forward to get help. This was invaluable training.”

Mental Health First Aid Trainee

Partnership Opportunities

Josselyn partners with schools, businesses, and nonprofit organizations to train their students, teams, and staff on Mental Health First Aid.

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Learn how to help someone in a mental health crisis.

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