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Mental Health Goes Beyond Therapy

Beyond Intake. Holistic Care is Lifelong Outreach.

Your mental health and well-being doesn’t end — or begin — with therapy.

Holistic care recognizes that life’s challenges and opportunities can happen anywhere, at any age. That’s why we offer care in addition to therapy.

Why? Because we believe…

  • In Mental Health For All
  • Well-being is a process
  • Dignity is the right of everyone
  • Everyone needs help sometimes
  • Everyone can be called to help others

We believe that better attention to mental health makes a stronger, safer, happier community.

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The Living Room: Come Inside to go Outside of Therapy

The Living Room is open to all and welcomes anyone who is experiencing an emotional or mental health crisis to receive compassionate support from one of our Peer Specialists in a safe, inviting space.

Drop in whenever you need support and you’ll be able to connect with a Peer Specialist who has experienced their own mental health journey. You’re invited to take your time as you connect, regroup, and receive the support you need.

No appointments. No pressure. Just support.

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Adult Drop In: No Appointments, Forms, or Fees

A friend when you need one most. Peer support can be a helpful tool in your recovery process. Josselyn’s Drop-In Center provides a stigma-free space for you to connect, socialize, and learn new tools and skills. For free.

Receive peer support in a warm, compassionate environment and engage in planned small group activities on a variety of mental health themes.

Adult Drop In Hours

Onsite Hours:
M-Th 9-7pm, Fr 9-4pm & Sat 9-2pm

Phone Hours:
M-Th 9-7pm, F 9-5pm, Sat 9am-2pm

847-496-3170 and 224-423-5263

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Educational Programs

Mental Health First Aid: Be Part of the Solution.

What will you do when faced with someone experiencing a mental health emergency? How does your organization handle mental health challenges? Are you prepared to help someone who is experiencing an emotional crisis?

With Mental Health First Aid (MHFA) training, you will be. Our experts will guide you on how to identify, understand, and respond to someone who may be experiencing a mental health or substance use challenge.

Contact the MHFA Team

We’re proud to be part of the community’s future.

For decades, we’ve served local community members while breaking down barriers to mental health care. We’ll keep doing it for decades, and redefine what it means to seek wellness. We’d be honored to have your support in building our communities.

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