What To Expect At Josselyn

Compassion. Consideration. A Door That’s Open To Everyone.

How To Get Started

That’s easy. It starts by filling out our simple intake form. It only takes a few minutes. This will help us determine the kind of care you may need.

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I don’t have private insurance. Is that ok?

Yes, it is. Josselyn is committed to affordability. In addition to most major insurance plans, Josselyn provides psychiatric care and therapy under Medicaid/Medicare and offers a sliding fee scale based on income eligibility.

What if I just need psychiatric care?

Prior to receiving psychiatric care, you will need to complete at least two therapy appointments at Josselyn and continue to see your therapist regularly. Your therapist will make a referral to our psychiatric team, who will contact you to schedule an intake appointment. Josselyn does not offer stand-alone psychiatric care.

What happens after I complete the intake form?

You will receive an email or a phone call to schedule an onboarding call with one of our specialists.

Work With Our Insurance Expert

Our patient advocate works with you to find the best plan and navigate paperwork. We don’t believe bureaucracy should be an obstacle to mental health care.

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Onboarding Experience

From here, you’ll talk to one of our onboarding specialists to determine the best options for care. Here are the next steps:

  • A detailed discussion of your payment options — no surprises, no barriers
  • Meet with a licensed therapist who will work with you to understand your needs
  • Begin therapy or the care program that is dedicated to your needs

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What will the onboarding expert ask me about?

We are going to listen to the reasons you came to us. This will help us to understand your needs and determine what kind of care is suitable for you.

How do you determine what I need?

By listening. We aren’t checking off boxes or placing you in a category. You have specific needs and reasons for seeking out therapy. We respect and honor that and will help you find care that suits your needs.

What if I am calling for a child or family member?

The process is largely the same.

Is this in-person or virtual?

The onboarding process is through the phone or Zoom. Many of our programs are still virtual, and as we move forward, we will incorporate on-site options as well. We will walk you through Zoom.

Ready to Get Started? So Are We.

If you think it is time to reach out, we know it is time to listen. Let’s have a conversation about your journey.

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