Boards and Committees

We are deeply grateful to our Board of Directors, Auxiliary Board, and Honorary Trustees for their tireless efforts in supporting Josselyn’s mission.

Josselyn Governing Board

Pam Martin, Chair

Adrienne Hepworth Weisenberger, Vice Chair

Scott Weisenberger​, Treasurer

Mary Campobasso, Secretary

Susan Resko,* CEO & President

Pablo Alvarez
Sol Anderson
Kitty Bliss
Richard Dorsey

Tony Duncan
Lili Duquette
Catherine Fields, JD

Norma Fuentes*
Wade Glisson
Pete Govorchin
Cynthia Helle

Michael Holling
Ruth Kraus, PhD
Janice MacVicar
Jake Moy
Dave Murdoch

Denise Nash
Carolyn Raitt
Bill Rogalla

Sherwin Shenfeld
Tom Wilson

Mary Womsley 

*Non-Voting Member


Josselyn’s Auxiliary Board provides resources to support Josselyn’s mental health services for youth in our community.

Brooke Sabia, President
Heidi Avedisian
Angela Alvarez
Lisa Axelrod
Gail Belian
Mary Campobasso
Melissa Carter
Nancy Chase
Kelly Duff

Enza Fragassi
Katie Ford
Elizabeth Hayward
Jackie James
Lisa Johnson
Liz Johnson
Mara Karzen
Shelley Keller

Janice MacVicar
Jena Radnay​
Sara Somers
Claudia Teich
Karen Tragos
Becky Wagner
Megan Waite
Mary Womsley

Honorary Trustees

Gil Bowen​
Mari Gimbel
David Langenbach
Nancy Meyer
Harriet Perrin

Deborah Ross
Regina Siske
Joanne Steinback
Susan Stewart
Christine Stoll

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