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March 4, 2022

Recognized for her outstanding leadership, Josselyn is thrilled to announce that Laci Gatewood, Chief Operating Officer, has been named one of Crain’s Chicago 2022 Notable Executives of Color in Healthcare!

Joining Josselyn in December of 2021, Laci is helping to define systems and processes to support the tremendous growth of the organization. Since the COVID-19 pandemic began, Josselyn has seen a 120% increase in the number of clients served. This means staffing and systems has also had to grow to meet this need.

“I am honored to be included with this incredibly talented pool of professionals. This recognition from Crain’s Chicago is a small step in recognizing not just my leadership, but the mission of Josselyn, our vision of Mental health for all, and our desire to break down the stigma associated with mental health. That stigma is unfortunately very prevalent in communities of color,” said Gatewood.

According to Crain’s Chicago, nominees must have demonstrated leadership in expanding the business, service or technology side of health care. Gatewood’s role at Josselyn is providing leadership in all three areas.

Recently, Josselyn was awarded the organization’s first-ever grants from the federal government, including a $5 million investment to help strengthen infrastructure, and hire and train more staff to serve the every-growing client base. One of Gatewood’s initial responsibilities is to help oversee how those funds are implemented in the most efficient and sustainable way possible to meet the ever-growing mental health needs of the community.

“The work we are doing at Josselyn is vital to the well-being of our communities. When I think of the number of under-resourced and under-served populations that have an opportunity for a better life because they can receive the highest quality coordinated mental health care possible, it makes me proud to know I am a part of that,” added Gatewood.

Josselyn is a nonprofit community health provider offering a full range of affordable, effective mental health services including therapy, psychiatry, case management, art therapy, and employment support. Our vision of providing mental health for all ensures cost is not a barrier to receiving mental health treatment and support. We work with every client to ensure access to care regardless of income and insurance, including a sliding fee scale based on eligibility. Josselyn serves more than 3,600 clients from 100 Chicagoland communities, a number that grows each week.


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