Self-Care Group

Share and Receive Support Alongside Peers


To create a safe and non-judgmental space for adults to learn and share self-care skills in order to take better care of themselves

  • Participant Details – Open to Josselyn clients ages 21+ who would like to learn about self-care skills and resources
  • Date & Time – Meets Tuesdays,  3 – 4 pm, via Zoom; Group will meet for 6 weeks
  • Framework – Group will begin with introductions and check in. We will discuss ideas and questions like: what does self-care look like, why is it important, what are your expectations from this group, how to apply self-care every day, how does self-care feel, and more. The leader will introduce a topic like mindfulness, sleep hygiene, journaling, goal setting, self-talk, preventing burnout, and others. We will provide resources like book recommendations, websites, and printed materials. Each week, the focus will be on self-care ideas and sharing personal experiences.
  • Facilitators –Georgia Pappas, Avia Paz, and Jess Jacobson with Lauren Pickard supervising and co-facilitating

To learn more about this group, please speak with your Josselyn therapist.

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