Grandparents Group

Share and Receive Support Alongside Peers


A support group for grandparents who are currently taking on guardian roles and in need of processing the impact the role has in their daily lives.

This group will address questions like how the participants are coping with the guardian role during their golden year stages of life. The group will also serve as a community for the participants to connect and engage in topics that grandparents are facing at the current stage of their lives.

  • Participant Details – Open to participants age 55+ who are taking care of grandchildren while also managing personal concerns, like loneliness, possible financial stability, and their mental and physical health.
  • Date & Time – This group meets virtually on Fridays 12 – 1 pm with a possible in-person meeting once per month. Bilingual facilitator Marilu Martinez will be available to translate.
  • Framework
    • Check-in – Participants state how they are feeling and each person sets an intention for the group.
    • Start with a prompt. For example, what is one thing you can do for yourself this week to feel good?
    • Discuss events that happened during the participants’ week and provide support. Focus on themes that come up in group and acknowledge. Allow participants to give each other positive reinforcement.
    • Group self-care activity: breathing, writing reflections, listening to a song, watching a funny clip, light stretching, etc. Followed by check-out.
  • Facilitators – Ava Schenk, Marilu Martinez, and Lindsey Faloona; Paramita Bhattacharya, Clinical Supervisor (Observer and Consultation)

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