It has been a little over one year since the U.S. Surgeon General issued a public health advisory calling for a comprehensive, coordinated response to the mental health needs of young people. During the pandemic, more than one in three high school students experienced poor mental health and almost half reported feeling persistently sad or hopeless.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention researchers found that between March and October 2020, emergency department visits for mental health emergencies rose by 24% for children ages 5-11 years and 31% for children ages 12-17 years. In addition, emergency department visits for suspected suicide attempts increased nearly 51% among girls ages 12-17 years in early 2021 compared to the same period in 2019. 

There is some good news here in Illinois for teens needing a higher level of care for their depression and anxiety. According to the State of Mental Health in America, Illinois significantly improved in its ranking for the percentage of youth with a severe major depressive episode who received some consistent treatment increased from 25% in 2017 to 38% in 2018.

Josselyn’s Teen Intensive Outpatient Program is here for teens who are struggling with anxiety and depressive related symptoms which are significantly impacting their daily functioning.

“One of the goals of Josselyn’s adolescent IOP team is to remove the stigma surrounding teen mental health care. This is a welcoming space that is free from judgement,” shares Jocelyn Fontalvo, IOP Intake Specialist, Case Manager.

Some key features of Josselyn’s program: 

  • Safe space for all teens, ages 12-18 in grades 7 to 12  
  • Meet three times a week at 495 Central Ave, Northfield 
  • Options for morning or afternoon sessions, based on teens’ needs  
  • Highly qualified and caring staff  
  • Individualized and personalized care  
  • Weekly curriculum customized to participants’ needs 
  • Weekly psychiatry appointments 
  • Weekly family therapy 
  • Expressive therapy groups (art and movement) 
  • Direct interaction at the child’s school  
  • Most insurances accepted, including Medicaid

For more information, visit Josselyn’s Teen Intensive Outpatient Program. To schedule an intake, contact Jocelyn Fontalvo by emailing her or calling 847-386-7866. 

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