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The Lake County Board awarded Josselyn a $3 million grant for the renovation and completion of a new facility in Waukegan which will more than double the number of clients served.

In addition, the grant will provide for the launch of an adolescent intensive outpatient program (IOP).

The funding is part of Lake County’s allocation of federal COVID relief funds provided through the American Rescue Plan Act (ARPA). 

“Through this funding, Josselyn will be able to provide high quality, affordable mental health care to many more residents of Lake County, especially those who would not otherwise have access to care because they are under- or uninsured,” said Susan Resko, Josselyn CEO and President. 

This grant is a testament to Josselyn’s commitment to addressing the increased demand for mental health care as a result of the pandemic. Data from Northwestern Medicine Lake County 2022 Community Needs Assessment Key Informant Survey reveals that mental health was the top concern among community residents, with 84% responding that mental health is a major problem.[1] In addition to greatly expanding Josselyn’s capacity, the ARPA funding helps create a more accessible location for Lake County residents who are in need of psychiatric care, therapy, and case management services. 

The planned adolescent intensive outpatient program will serve the additional need of providing a higher level of care for teens in Lake County whose mental health symptoms are severely impacting their daily functioning. In April 2021, Lurie Children’s hospital reported that forty-four percent of young children experienced an increase in mental or behavioral health symptoms during the pandemic compared with before. 

“We continue to see greater and greater need in the community for mental health services,” said Resko. “With the support of the American Rescue Plan Act funding and the Lake County Board, Josselyn will be able to expand its services in Lake County and continue working towards our vision of Mental health for all.”


[1] Northwestern Medicine Lake County 2022 Community Health Needs Assessment


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