Family Service of Lake County (FSLC) has become a part of the Josselyn family of services to leverage resources and better help meet the behavioral, educational and wellness needs for Lake County.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the new organizational structure?  
Josselyn will continue as the ongoing organization; 8 FSLC board, 12 staff and all programs will now be managed under the Josselyn umbrella.

What is the reason for this merger?
FSLC’s staff and leadership turnover, combined with external circumstances including the COVID-19 pandemic and the 2022 Highland Park shooting, led the FSLC board to search for an organization with a similar mission that would help sustain its programming and continue serving the Lake County community. 

Will the names change?  
Josselyn will keep its name. To reinforce our connection, for the next year we will use the FSLC name, as a program of Josselyn in our communications.

Will Josselyn’s leadership change?
This merger will not affect Josselyn’s executive team nor its organizational structure.  

How will this affect Josselyn’s board of directors?  
We are pleased to share that eight FSLC board members joined Josselyn’s Board of Directors on March 31, 2023This is a significant indicator that our merger will succeed and we welcome their expertise, institutional knowledge and passion for our combined missions 

Will there be any staffing changes?
Josselyn is happy to welcome 12 FSLC staff to our team. The new staff members were onboarded on April 17, 2023.

What programming will change?
Josselyn’s current programs will not change due to this merger. We will be expanding on FSLC programming including the Nuestro Center and Senior and Caregiver Services.

Will Josselyn’s locations change?
Josselyn’s current locations will stay the same. In addition, we continue FSLC’s service to clients at their Highland Park and Highwood locations.

What effect will this have on clients?
Josselyn will be able to offer increased services to current Josselyn and FSLC clients.  FSLC clients will receive increased clinical leadership.  Josselyn clients will have access to new senior services and Latinx programming at the Nuestro Center in Highwood.

How will this change impact me as a donor?
As a donor, you will be able to support our expanded programming, and you have the knowledge that your dollars will go farther.  Specifically, the administrative and fundraising expenses that each organization incurred, roughly 25% of every dollar donated, can now be reduced, allowing your support to be allocated more fully to the good work of providing Mental health for all.  If you agree with lower administrative costs, and a more efficient, streamlined organization, please support our effort here. While we will realize cost savings long term, short term we will incur additional administrative costs to consolidate our organizations.   

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