Name: Meagan Maas, MD
Occupation: Psychiatrist
Relationship To Josselyn: Employee

What draws you to the Josselyn mission?
I am drawn to Josselyn because of the wide range of services we offer- anything from peer to peer support, medication management, assisting with a job search, a number of therapy options, and the list goes on! I like the level of community engagement and truly feel that Josselyn continuously works to find services specific to a client’s needs.

What’s your favorite mental health resource?
NAMI, SAMSHA, The Trevor Project, TransLash, Reproductive Health Access Project.

What is your favorite breakfast food?
It’s hard to pick one! I like to pair salty and sweet – Eggs Benedict or an omelet, but with a side of something sweet like a cinnamon roll or chocolate chip pancake to share with someone!

What is your most used emoji?
Orangutan and salsa girl.

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