Excellence in Community Behavioral Health Since 1951

The Josselyn Center is a CARF-accredited community-based behavioral health center in Northfield, IL that serves more than 60 communities in the Northern Illinois region. We  provide individuals of any income a convenient place to improve their quality of life through comprehensive and affordable behavioral health services provided by a caring staff of licensed clinicians.

When you come to The Josselyn Center, you can be confident that:

  • You will feel better.
  • Your care will be administered by an experienced and caring team of licensed professionals.
  • We offer day and evening hours.
  • We are affordable. We accept Medicare, Medicaid and private insurance. Out-of-pocket fees are assessed on a sliding scale basis, based on income and client eligibility.

Our comprehensive services, all provided by licensed professionals, include the following:

  • Clinical services, including behavioral health and psychiatric services, for individuals (including children), couples and families.
  • Supportive services, where people facing similar challenges can receive support in non-clinical settings.
  • Group services, where people with similar problems come together to express their concerns, identify solutions, and celebrate successes.

We are proud of the fact that we have been able to positively impact the lives of thousands of people during our years in the community, and proud that former clients recommend us to their friends and loved ones. We are also proud that we receive referrals from private providers, other human service agencies, townships and communities entities because of our clinical reputation. We are ready to help you and/or your loved ones. Contact us at 847.441.5600.