Early Adolescent Art Therapy Group

Share and Receive Support Alongside Peers


To create a safe space to learn to creatively express thoughts and feelings, practice mindfulness and emotion regulation skills, and develop a support network with other group members and facilitator

  • Participant Details – Open to early adolescents, age 9-14, who struggle with anxiety, depression, low self-esteem, emotion regulation, and building peer relationships
  • Date & Time – Meets Wednesdays 6 – 7pm
  • Framework – Group will begin with a check-in, including new members introductions. Group facilitator will lead discussion on focused topic, such as a skill or psychoeducation. Group facilitator will introduce art therapy directive related to discussion topic, including materials and processes (collaborative or individual artmaking). Group members will engage in art making process. Group members will share their art works and openly process with the group. Group members will conclude group by naming an intention or goal.
  • Facilitator – Alex Burg, MA

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