Art As Meditation Group

Share and Receive Support Alongside Peers


To create a safe space to explore emotions through art making and journaling. Members will learn how to use artmaking and journaling as a tool in meditation, emotional processing, and emotion regulation.

  • Participant Details – Open to adults 18+ who are interested in artmaking, journaling, and meditation. This group welcomes artists of all levels and abilities. Clients do not need any prior art making experience but must be open to trying different art materials. All art materials are provided.
  • Date & Time – Meets Thursdays 3 – 4:30 pm at Josselyn Northfield (1850 Oak Street, Northfield, IL 60093)
  • Framework – All group members will begin by sharing their first name. The art therapist will provide the journal prompt for the session and group members will journal for 5-7 minutes. Group members will be introduced to the art materials available for the group and given 50 minutes for art making. Therapist will play music and engage in art making alongside group members. Then the group will write reflections on their art and the group will conclude with sharing the artwork made during the session.
  • Facilitator – Margaret Engel, MA

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