Asian American & Pacific Islanders (AAPI) Teen Support Group

Share and Receive Support Alongside Peers


To create a safe and supportive space for first generation Asian American teenagers who have immigrant caregivers or identify as immigrants themselves to explore cultural barriers, shared experiences, and receive emotional support from peers and Asian-American identifying therapists. 

  • Participant Details – Open to Josselyn clients, age 13-17, who are immigrants or children of Asian immigrants. Group will focus on generational immigrant adolescent identities, and culture/cultural expectations, and other shared experiences. All members of the AAPI and biracial community are encouraged to join.
  • Date & Time – Meets Fridays, 1 pm, June 9 to July 28
  • Framework – Group will begin with check-in. Co-facilitators will introduce a weekly topic/skill. Participants will be encouraged to share and process their emotions/experiences regarding the topic with flexibility. Participants will end with song sharing or another activity that encourages sharing of current emotions/life situation.
  • Facilitators – Jane Kim & Sophia Hong

To learn more about this group, please speak with your Josselyn therapist.

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